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Computer Repair
- On-Site Service
- Remote Repair
- Pick-up / Drop-off

Data Recovery

- Wireless
- Wired

Security Cameras
- Dome Cameras
- Bullet Cameras
- Full Size Cameras
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Business Support - $50.00 Per Month
For Businesses Looking For Viable, Cost Effective I.T. Solutions and Services.

One Year of Support - $40.00 Per Month

Per Computer for One Year of Computer Support. Non-Business Rate.

Remote Resolution -  
$85.00 Per Month
Per Computer per Month  

Per Incident - Starting at $25.00

1 Session Of Computer Support For Up To 15 Minutes. Pay By The Hour Or A Flat Rate. Get The Support You Need At The Best Possible Price Anywhere.

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St Petersburg Computer Repair Services

Welcome to St. Pete PC Repair a website for Bay Geeks Computer Services.

We've been proudly serving St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa Bay, Florida since 2004. We have experience helping people like you with every kind of computer problem under the beautiful Floridian sun! We've been able to keep our clients from having to crawl under their desk, remove all kinds of wires and carry their computers into some over-priced retail shop ever since we started.

After spending so many years working with Microsoft Windows, we've been able to hone our craft and fix your computer issues in a fraction of the time of most other computer repair technicians. We've seen literally hundreds of computer shops open and close. We've never really understood why, but we sure do like to speculate.

Affordable Computer Repair Service

When we opened up our doors, we paid attention to what our competitors were charging. We found that by providing a better service at a reasonable price point. We wanted to be dramatically lower than the big retail shops and right around our smaller competitors. We've found that in general, folks get what they pay for. We've had to go back in after more "computer whiz kids" to fix their "great money saving ideas" than we'd care to remember. What have we learned? The low price leader is usually going to give you what you pay for.

Friendly Computer Repair Technicians

Seriously, how many times have you asked a computer tech a question only to have them huff, puff, sigh, roll their eyes and patronize you while they rush through an explanation that you'd need a computer science degree to fully comprehend? Do these folks really expect you to return to their store for more punishment? That's not how we operate. We'll be happy to take our time and be as patient as you'd like us to. We'll make sure to educate you as much as you'd like or if you'd prefer, we'll just fix it and leave. We firmly believe that "You're the boss", and you should be treated accordingly.

On Time PC Repair Technicians

How many times have you called a service technician, only to have them show up 2, 4 or more hours late? Have they ever not even bothered to call or even show up? We're shocked at how many times we've heard folks tell us these horror stories of having to stay home all day waiting for a tech who pulls a no call no show. How rude is that? That's not our style. We'll typically provide a one-hour time span that we'll arrive within. We generally call before we leave and provide a rough estimate of how long it will take us to arrive.

On-Site Computer Repair Services: Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties

We have technicians providing on-site computer repair service to both Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties. We'll be happy to come on out to your lovely home and help you out. Don't feel embarrassed, we've seen it all. We're here to turn that computer frown upside down! Please keep in mind that rush hour may take a little longer than normally.

Remote Computer Repair Service: Anywhere Over The Internet

That's right! We can fix your computer problem anywhere you are over the internet! According to Gartner (a leading authority), over 90% of computer problems can be fixed right over the internet! That means we can have a trained Bay Geeks technician providing you service faster and at a discounted rate. We save on gas, why shouldn't you save on your computer service?

All Brands, Makes and Models

We're not just limited to any one brand of computer. We'll fix Dell, eMachine, IBM, ASUS, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Gateway, Sony and even custom-built computers! We've studied them all and we're familiar with the computers you have. We'll be happy to take a look and resolve your computer issues.

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